🌲Single Greening

Visit GreenBTC website: https://www.greenbtc.club/

Click on the "Connect Wallet" to connect your wallet.

Select your wallet, here we take the Metamask as an example , after popping up the MetaMask wallet, click Next, then click β€œ Connect”.

GreenBTC is running on the ETH Layer 2 network Polygon, the wallet will automatically add the Polygon network for you, here click "Approve" and click "Switch network" to the Polygon network.

We can see that the connected wallet is successful, click the "Blocks" button on the current page to enter the green land page.

Click on the block you want to green, click on β€œGreen it here” in the pop-up window to select the token you want to pay, it supports USDC, USDT, ART three tokens, (also remember to prepare some matic in your wallet, this is the gas on the polygon network, It is needed for some on-chain interactions during operation) and finally click on "Green"

Click the "Confirm" button when the Metamask pops up the transaction confirmation pop-up window, and wait a few minutes for confirmation on the chain, you can open the mystery box.

Click "Open Mystery Box" to open your own mystery box.

Unlock the mystery box to reveal the GreenBTC certificate category. We have two types of certificates, one is standard GreenBTC Certifiate while another is GreenBTC Seed. For details, please refer to the following link

If you're lucky, you might be able to get a seed which means you

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