๐ŸŒฑCertificate and Seed

What is a GreenBTC Certificate

GreenBTC Certificate is a kind of NFT within the GreenBTC Club Dapp, documenting the greened BTC blocks and their offset energy.

GreenBTC climate action is committed by redeeming ART (Arkreen Renewable Token, an ERC-20 token that fractionalizes the AREC NFT) issued in Arkreen ecosystem based on Renewable Energy Generation data.

The truths that are continuously traced and recorded by physical miners, and also easily verified via cryptographic algorithms are the foundation of ART issuance.

When GreenBTC Certificate is generated, one Climate Action Badge as an SBT (Soulbound Token) is simultaneously minted based on the on-chain offset historical bitcoin carbon emission, which can be used as the proof of GreenBTC Club community's voluntary climate action.

What is a GreenBTC Seed

A seed is a special type of the GreenBTC Certificate. Greening one BTC block will generate one GreenBTC Certificate.

There is a random 5% chance that the certificates have a special property of seed.

As upgradable NFTs, the seeds may grow into plants andcontinuously change forms within the GreenBTC Club Dapp.

GreenBTC Club community volunteers can take on the role of a botanist, nurturing various fascinating plants through activities such as breeding, watering, hybridization, etc., and explore the limitless possibilities of plant life.

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